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Let your users create a song with your voice or instrument stems.

Dropsong connects you with your audience, letting them create a song using your content.

Here's an example..


Starseed, the king of future soul, is dropping a new single, "I Don't Recognize Myself". But this time, he's not just sharing his music, he's inviting his fans to use her voice and instrumental stems to make his song for him...

1.     Starseed uploads all his vocal and instrumental stems to the Dropsong app.

2.     His followers download the app and log in, and find the "Starseed" beat kit. Then they can choose which stems they want in the final 3-verse track, selecting their favorite instruments and voices, until they finalize their unique song.​         

3.     Sharing is Caring: The finished creation? It's not just another MP3 sitting on a hard drive. Dropsong lets fans share their remixes on social media, or download them.

Download Dropsong today to check it out:

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