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Create original music and turn it into an NFT.

We've unlocked new ways for artists and fans to collaborate.

How It Works

Step 1: Users drag and drop instruments to create an original song.

Step 2: Users mint their song into an NFT.

Step 3: NFT can be redeemed for special perks or prizes.

How It Works
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Case Study

Musician: Starseed

Step 1: Music Creation

Starseed, the queen of atmospheric EDM, is dropping a new single, "Cosmic Pulse."

But this time, she's
not just sharing her music, she's inviting her fans to use her voice and instrumental stems to make her song for her... ​

Best of all - the first 25 fans to create a song and turn it into an NFT get serious perks at her next concern (we'll get to that in a sec.)

Starseed uploads all her vocal and instrumental stems to the Dropsong app. Her fans download the app, and can drag and drop the stems of their choosing into a final original track.

The finished creation? It's not just another MP3 sitting on a phone. Users can simply save the song, but they can also 
buy it 
as an NFT.

Step 2: Use the NFT for remix contests and special perks!

The first 25 lucky fans to make a Starseed NFT song will get VIP access at her next concern, and special merch at the door!

As soon as a fan creates and buys an NFT song, Dropsong will send them the NFT directly to their Metamask or Coinbase Wallet account (and help them set up an account if they don't need help!).

Then, the fans bring their phone to the concern, and open the Coinbase Wallet app at the door, showing their NFT to the bouncer. The bouncer will scan the QA code from the APP to verify it's legit, then give the fan their merch, and whisk them on up to VIP!

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How else can your fans use the NFTs they create?


Exclusive Song Previews

Anyone who buys an NFTs and unlock early access to new singles, albums, or behind-the-scenes content before the general public.

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Come On Stage

Feature fan-created remixes during live shows, only for fans who turned their content into NFTs

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Exclusive Social Media Groups

Fans that create a song and mint it as an NFT get access to the exclusive socia media channels and groups.


Chain Remix Relay

Split the song into sections and assign each section to a different group of fans. The final remix becomes a seamless blend of individual styles.


A Cappella Accapella

Restrict the contest to a cappella arrangements, highlighting vocal harmonies and showcasing a cappella talent within your fanbase.


Make the User Famous

The artist will promote the best user-generated NFT version of the song on their social media.


Best Cover Art Wins

Every music NFT needs a cover image, so instead of rewarding fans for just the best music remix, reward NFT creators for submitting the best cover art for the song they made.


VIP Fan Community

Create a gated online forum for NFT holders, fostering deeper connections and discussions around your music. But only for fans who have created a song with your content on Dropsong.

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Community Voted Winners

Let the fans decide! Hold public voting rounds to determine the best remixes, fostering direct fan engagement.


Found Sound Symphony

Challenge contestants to incorporate everyday sounds or field recordings into their remixes, adding a unique sonic texture and storytelling element.


Best Version Get Studio Time

The fan with the best NFT song submission will get to record their version of the song live with the artist.


One-Shot Challenge

Limit all NFT creations and remixes to a specific time constraint, fostering creativity and quick decision-making.


Reward Fan Talent Discovery

The fans that show the most musical potential by make the best NFT song remix will win free tuition to a music production school, or a free music production class.


Music Video Remix Challenge

Challenge contestants to create music videos specifically for their remixes, adding a visual dimension to the competition.


Collaborative Remix Album

Instead of individual winners, select entries from the contest to curate a collaborative remix album showcasing the diverse talent and styles within your community.

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