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Recruiters - use our API to send mass, personalized jingles to candidates

Forget generic cold emails and LinkedIn messages that fall flat!


Dropsong lets you inject personality and creativity into your candidate outreach, turning cold contacts into hot leads with catchy, personalized songs. Imagine a candidate opening their inbox to find a unique song highlighting their skills and experience, crafted specifically for them.

You, the recruiter, choose some fun beats, input some basic details about the job or the candidate, and Dropsong splits out a fun, rhyming jingle about the job position.

Hey {{firstName}}, I found your profile on Dice, I see you're a React developer. We have a front-end dev opening at CodeWave we want to talk with you about.

From that...

to this.

All with our API.

Why Musical Cold Outreach?


Jingles are often short, catchy, and repetitive, making them easy to remember. The musical and rhythmic elements create a memorable structure that sticks in the listener's mind, making the brand or message associated with the jingle more likely to be recalled.


Emotional Connection:

Music has the ability to evoke emotions. Jingles are designed to create a specific mood or feeling that aligns with the brand's message or product. When people associate positive emotions with a brand, they are more likely to form a connection and remember it.


Boosting Brand Trust and Credibility:

When potential customers see real people endorsing your brand through UGC, it adds a layer of credibility that traditional advertising struggles to achieve. Positive experiences shared by users build trust among your audience.

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