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Shave with style: Let users compose their own shaving jingle

Elevate your brand's engagement and user experience with our specially crafted shaving beat kit.

In the app, users can simply drag and drop their favorite instruments and vocals onto the soundboard, trying out different combos to find the perfect beat and melody. Our huge library of built-in sounds, specially picked for the shaving industry, means there are endless ways to get creative.

This beat kit is still available- license it exclusively for your brand today!

Here's an example of a user-generated shaving jingle:
User Generated Shaving Jingle

Users select instruments and voices to create an original song about shaving

Users are given a list of instruments, and pre-recorded phrases related to the shaving industry, i.e. "love your skin", "experience the perfect glide", "it's shave time", etc.

The users will then choose which voices and instruments they like, and drag and drop to create a song.

We can even create some new voices and recorded stems with your specific brand name.

From there, users can share these audio memes, download them, or submit them to an online UGC content.


UGC has been a popular marketing tool for almost a decade, but never has it been done with music.

Download Dropsong today to check it out:

1) Download the app and create an account

2) Go to Step 1, type the word "Shaving", and press search

3) Play with the sounds in our "Shaving beat kit!

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